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Diva Precious Jewellery

Guide Shimul Mehta Vyas
Sponsor Tanishq
Keywords coloured diamantine;18 karat gold;fine jewellery;wire

This project focused on designing pendant earring sets for the Diva first collection for Tanishq. The collection has precious jewellery catering to a new customer segment—the divas, or the confident and independent women of today. The collection used 18 karat gold, coloured diamantine and semi-precious stones.

For the first Diva collection, a study on latest consumer trends was carried out in order to derive individual themes. The two themes given; namely, Italian Autumn and Radical Neutrality, offered a variety of looks and styles to choose from. Wire was used as a medium to create jewellery that would match the look of the themes; therefore, the collection was called, Story of a Line. Random forms were created in the Swinging Lines theme; while, a more multi-functional and organised look was given to the forms in the Half Moon theme.

The three dimensional forms were created for the Berry Song theme, where, the shape of the tear drop stone was considered while making the structures around the forms. Therefore, the design process followed was dependent not just on the themes, but also on the material, the stones, and wearability. The overall look of the collection was fresh, versatile, and unique. The collection offered a mix of innovation in materials, techniques, and functionality.

The project has been an experience that helped gain an insight into the world of fine jewellery. It helped refine one’s designing skills, along with those of critical thinking and problem solving. Design is an interconnected process which culminates into a product only with the hard work of an entire team, and not just one person.
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