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Naukri Connect: A Platform Designed to Enable Social Aspects of Jobseeking

Guide Shashank Mehta
Sponsor Infoedge (India) Ltd
Keywords job searches;social media;social networking;user research

This project explored the rising importance of the social aspects of job seeking; it focused on finding opportunities for Naukri.com. It was important to study behaviour in the contemporary context so as to be able to find a solution to the problems related to job seeking. With the increase in social networking and the prevalence of social media in all aspects of life today, it has been increasingly used for recruitment and job seeking as well.

The project began by analysing the domain of jobs as a whole, followed by understanding people’s social interaction methods, networks, and communication tools (both online and offline) which helped them seek jobs. A detailed user research to understand communication behaviour of job seekers (freshers, mid level, and senior level) gave insights into the role of technology and people involved in job searches. This was followed by domain and user research into a few concepts that showed how social media could be used for job seeking.

The dynamics of job seeking behaviour are variable as they are dependent on the demand and supply of the market. The final concept, Naukri Connect is a complementary system within naukri.com and has three functions. It is used to get referrals for jobs (from those one knows); get career advice from one’s own contacts to gain clarity in decision making; and get company reviews from those working in a particular organisation.

The project concludes by representing the design flow for the possible implementation of the concept. This project helped realise that the domain of job seeking and recruitment can benefit from social media to a huge extent; this could add value to the existing job search sites as well.
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