Disha Kaushal |

Service Design for Hiring Odd Jobs Workers on a Mobile Platform

Guide Shashank Mehta;Dr Jignesh Khakhar
Sponsor Just Dial Pvt. Ltd
Keywords information asymmetries;marketing campaign;service model;service sector

This project focused on creating opportunities in the service sector involved in hiring and employment. The problem identified was prevalent in the informal sector, which made it more challenging because of the heterogeneity, network complexities, and information asymmetries therein.

The project began by understanding the perspective of a technology-led, for-profits company which wanted to enter into the odd jobs segment of the informal economy. The finer nuances of this sector such as dignity of labour, opportunity for employment, minimum wage legislation, effect of ICT on growth in informal sector, impact of mobile technology, gender-based job differentiation, and government policies were closely examined to arrive at holistic and long-term solutions. The focus was on segmenting and profiling Just Dialís main target group from the urban, middle to upper middle class smartphone using audience to understand how a service model designed around mobile cum human interaction can facilitate tasks in their everyday lives.

Further development through ideation, conceptualisation, and refinement led to more comprehensive solutions which were translated into a service model, business model, and interaction platform. Finally, recommendations were made in the form of a business proposal for the company to bring in a certain level of homogeneity in wages and services provided through third party tie-ups and also initiate an aggressive marketing campaign to get on board a critical mass of users.

Considering the duration of the project at hand and design strategist/researcherís limitations; this study may not give definitive solutions to the macro-economic, societal, and all user anxiety related issues; but it is honest attempt to explore the endless service possibilities in this untapped job segment and one could learn to create boundaries to bring out the best within the expected project deadlines.
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