Anuj Vijay Gadre |

Packaging Infotainment for Kids

Guide Rupesh Vyas
Sponsor Traveller Kids
Keywords consumer study;nuclear families;online activities;typography

This project looked into conceptualising and packaging an infotainment-based product for children aged 7–10 years allowing them to virtually travel the world and experience a new country every month through a combination of physical and online activities.

The product focused on the nuclear families in the upper middle class segments and above, living in cosmopolitan areas, where it is difficult for busy parents to take out time for their children. The project intended to deliver a package of contents, that allowed the children to interact independently with it, and helped them play, and learn on their own. The process followed for this project required a consumer study; though children would be the actual users of the product, it is the parents who would by them the product. The kit is sent in the form of boxes every month.

Each box, based on a country or a region of the world, contains games, activities, toys, and reading material, which have been designed keeping in mind the target user. From content to colour selection, from typography to imagery, it is the children who dictate the design decisions. As a part of this project, a major responsibility was conceptualising the content and structure of the kit. Parts of the Starter Kit were designed individually and guidelines were developed on how to go about an individual country kit and explored the same.

This project was a testing ground for one’s abilities as a designer in the professional world. It helped learn the nuances of dealing with traders, suppliers, and sourcing different materials from the market.
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