Vijay Moparthi |

Maa Thaathaya (My Grandfather)

Guide Sekhar Mukherjee
Sponsor Self Sponsered
Keywords childhood;digital paintings;relationship;thumbnail sketches

This is a film about Vijay, a 25-year old man who is travelling to his hometown by train. He recollects memories of his grandfather and how the duo’s relationship had changed over the years. This film is based on real life incidents.

The research phase began while travelling by train from Hyderabad to Guntur; references were made in terms of the train, railway station, people, and the surroundings. Talking with family members about childhood incidents gave an idea about how the things and situations were in the past. One of the biggest challenges was to select the right memories from a plethora of special memories.

Initially, thumbnail sketches were made to visualise the whole film. On getting feedback and working on several drafts, the storyboard was finalised. The storyboard tries to show the transformation of the relationship from the protagonist being very close to the grandfather, to sitting next to him and having nothing to talk about.

The story takes place simultaneously in the present and the past. To depict the past, traditional water colours were used. For the present, digital paintings that are very glossy and futuristic were used. The animation was done using Adobe Flash and Photoshop.

This film was very special and challenging. One understood how every step in the process of filmmaking makes a big difference to the whole film. This deeply personal film gave the confidence to convincingly narrate a story while remaining true to one’s experiences, thoughts, and emotions.
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