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Mangobooks: Promotional Video for Mango Reader

Guide Sekhar Mukherjee
Sponsor Mango Sense Technologies
Keywords Adobe After Effects;character design;storyline;time management

This project was about designing a promotional video for Mango Reader, which is a website for online books. The video included the functions of the product, its features, and how it would benefit the target audience. The target audience comprised school children, college students, parents, teachers, educational institutions, authors, and publishers. Project execution included creating a story line that could cover the overall details in an interesting way.

The video was done in two parts: the first one, explaining the features of the product; the second one, comparing the sponsorís books with the regular books. The content given by the client was sorted and a rough storyline created. After making relevant changes in the script, the initial storyboard was prepared. This was shown to different people for feedback and after making changes, a final storyboard was made.

Character design was done next. The characters were animated in Adobe Flash and later imported to Adobe After Effects for compositing and editing. A lot of animation such as motion graphics, pan, and zoom were added at this stage. A rough narration was taken for reference while timing the video. All the backgrounds were drawn in Adobe Photoshop.

Major tasks learnt during the project comprised time management and working within the set deadlines. Learning how to edit unnecessary details, while scripting and composing was also another part of the whole experience.
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