Anoodha Kunnath |

My Grandfatherís Yakshi

Guide Shilpa Das
Sponsor Self Sponsered
Keywords folk tales;memory;editing pattern;sound design

A reading of several folk tales lead towards a questioning of whether what was described in them were real experiences that happened to be disguised attractively; most of the stories were replete with morals or peppered with fear-inducing elements. The memory of an incident cannot be held within and is bound to slither out somehow, though manifesting itself in several forms, one of which might be a story.

This film is a story of a young man reminiscing about his grandfather through the stories the latter has told. He is well aware of his grandfatherís penchant for stories of thrill and horror. He remembers his grandfather narrating stories with remarkable flair, except for oneóhis favourite story. The story of the yakshi has not had the usual spine-tingling effect on his young listeners. The young man converses with the memory of his grandfather to ask why.

The editing pattern was kept simple and was paired with the mood of the conversations among the characters. The sound design captured the spirit of the monsoons. Sounds of thunder and footsteps linked the narration and the visualisation of the story; it communicated the idea that the story was being visualised in the young manís mind as soon as the grandfather begins to narrate. The story flows from his imagination onto the screen for the spectators.

During the whole process of making this film, what was consciously learnt was to keep logistics hassle-free so as to help improve or tackle glitches effectively during the shoot. Every step in the pre-production process was given due importance. Interactions with people and managing them before a shoot were essential; this project gave an insight into the intricacies of the filmmaking process as whole.
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