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Home Automation: A Set of Devices to Aid Remote Control Your Home

Guide Krishnesh Mehta
Sponsor G M Modular Pvt. Ltd.
Keywords idea generation;market survey;modular design;switch manufacturing

This project was about designing a Home Automation System Device for India; it began with understanding the concept of home automation in general. GM Modular Pvt. Ltd. is a new company that got into the switch manufacturing market in 2002. Currently, it is mainly focusing on innovation that can help bringing out products that can help it compete better in the markets.

Market survey included research on the existing home automation systems, the manufacturers of these products, the market, and its specific features. The idea generation stage helped come up with a concept that reflected the best of technological trends available in the present times. The amount and type of material, and the technology used were constraints that were carefully looked into. The project culminated into a premium range of GM Modular which would be suitable for the elite and upper middle class sections of society. The product thus developed and showcased was a modular design which would be used to create the actual product that will be soon out in the market.

The concept selected was made after validating the information at hand and what seemed best for the consumer segment that had been selected. Concept no.: 07 Single Unit (Wall/Remote Console) was the selected concept since the product that this company was about to produce was not a new invention, but a revised and reconstructed product to fit the Indian consumer segment.

The project helped realise how the company functioned, the expectations from a professional designer, and the importance of understanding consumers’ requirements.
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