Chandrima Deuri |

Gen Next Flexible Pouches

Guide Praveen Nahar
Sponsor Hindustan Unilever limited
Keywords laundry needs;liquid laundry detergent;packaging styles;powder laundry detergent

The objective of this project was to observe and get an in-depth understanding of the consumer's habits, attitudes, handling behaviour, laundry pack usage, and the current market scenario in order to design and develop new, flexible packaging formats for the laundry sector in Unilever.

The entire process of packaging a new liquid detergent was studied, beginning with conceptualisation, to making a prototype and getting it approved by the board. During the project, the laundry packaging styles adopted by Unilever during various stages of its growth were analysed, along with the demographics and buying patterns of various customers and their requirements. The project also involved the study of laundry needs both, at home and commercial establishments such as hotels, restaurants, and offices.

A survey was done at Chennai and Mumbai for assessing the customer satisfaction level and behavioural pattern of buyers of detergents at local grocery shops and other retail outlets; their levels of expectation from such detergents were also assessed. Based on all the inputs gathered, a number of concepts and concept prototypes were developed. New concepts for both, liquid laundry detergent and powder laundry detergent were developed with respect to re-closing, dosing, and pouring mechanisms. Handmade prototypes of the selected concepts were made and their form as well as mechanism was further developed. In the end, five concepts for liquid laundry detergent and three concepts for powder laundry detergent were selected and presented.

This project helped one realise that designing a product as simple as the pouch could also be very challenging and requires a thorough understanding of the markets and consumer preferences.
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