Teresa S Ponatt | teresa.sapna@gmail.com

Furniture for Transitional Spaces

Guide C S Susanth
Sponsor SFA Works, Bangalore
Keywords fun;physics;semi-outdoor;swinging effect

Transition, an in between space in architecture is unavoidable in the design of buildings. Often, these spaces remain unobtrusive to the user, but they play a vital role in terms of aesthetics, health, and comfort. The aim of this project is to study the different kinds of transitional spaces and come up with suitable furniture for these spaces, while adding to the product vocabulary of the sponsor.

The project began with a detailed research and identification of the different types of transitional spaces, as also an understanding of the methodology of work followed at SFA Works. The project brief developed was to design new furniture that gave a swinging effect and one that transcends different transitional spaces, and be able to cater to the semi-outdoor context. An attempt was also made to keep the furniture simple and introduce an element of fun and interest to give a character to these spaces.

The concept, being mechanism-based, was developed based on various principles of physics. Mock up models and 3D renders were done to check out the feasibility of the mechanism and better visualisation. Prototyping helped understand the huge gap between theoretical assumptions and practical realities. A full scale working prototype brought more focus to the actual working, details, finishing, and other factors.

Learning how the industry functions is always a rich experience and the biggest challenge one faces and has to deal with, is to manipulate the constraints of the industry and translate ideas into reality. The project was thus an enriching experience. The work environment at SFA and the freedom given, helped one to test one’s capabilities beyond the normal and to experiment with new ideas and concepts.
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