Lakstein Albert Fernandes |

Sirf…Ek Afvah…: A Short Fiction Film

Guide Arun Gupta
Sponsor Gurjarvani
Keywords Mojo plug-in;recce, rumour;social awareness

This film was sponsored by Gurjarvani, which uses mass media such as television and audio to bring about social awareness. It wanted a short fiction film on rumours that was not supposed to too dark in nature and content.

A shopkeeper tricks a young boy into thinking that the latter has won a lottery when the former gives him an old radio. Slowly, the news spreads across the village. His mother, a widow, faces the many ill-effects of this rumour. This rumour proves fatal to the poor mother and son when a thief comes to steal the money, but finding nothing, steals the radio. After submitting the first version of the script, the client suggested several changes. Apart from working on the suggested changes, the process of auditioning actors also began. After the first round of auditions, location recce was done. Different villages were visited and individual locations were zeroed in for specific sets.

The script was rewritten with the new locations in mind. After finalising the actors, a shooting schedule, storyboard, and budget were prepared. Since most of the actors were non-professionals, during the shoot, they required to imitate the performance of the director. Language also proved to be a hurdle during the shoot. The shoot was divided into interior and exterior shots and spread over several days. The film was edited at the Gurjarvani studio using Adobe Premier Pro. Most of the colour correction was done using the fast color corrector tool and the Mojo plug-in.

The most important aspect of the project was becoming aware of how a director should be in tune with everyone on set especially the D.O.P because it is through his or her eyes that the director’s vision can be realised.
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