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Guide Arun Gupta
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Keywords Kino Flo 4Bank;protagonist;snakebite;theme music

Vinu, a high school student is the only child of his parents. He gets admitted in hospital for a suspected snakebite. A snake was spotted near his house on the previous day of the incident and the doctors referred him to the ICU till the poison was identified. In the ICU, Vinu experienced the uncertainty of life. He observed how others struggle to be alive and how others lost their battle with life. He realised that being alive was the real challenge than killing himself.

Getting admitted in an ICU for the first time, Vinu recalls what had happened before the snakebite. He had been attempting suicide because of an embarrassing mishap that happened in school involving him. Before executing his plan, he realised that one a much-awaited film was releasing the next day. He then postponed his plan and went to bed, and the very next moment he woke up to a painful bite on his arm.

The script was refined and the focus was on conveying the behaviour of the main protagonist throughout the scenes; even the supporting characters were prioritised according to their respective scenes; the dialogues in the film were minimal. While making the storyboard, a space diagram was also made; this was very helpful in set design.

A light unit was arranged for this film; Kino Flo 4Bank was used to give it a sharper tone that could be enhanced in the pre-production stage. The treatment in terms of sound was subtle, using less electronics and more real instruments. It was also decided to have a basic theme music that would be used in a progressive way in each situation and eventually turn full-fledged in the climax. This project helped understand that planning and budgeting were crucial to the filmmaking process.
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