Saishraddha Malage |

Re-branding Rezonant

Guide Rupesh Vyas
Sponsor Rezonant Design, Bangalore
Keywords brand book;brochure template;corporate identity;logo

Already into its second decade of existence, the sponsor is engaging with an increasing roster of global customers. This project aimed at creating corporate identity for the sponsor; this would help the sponsor communicate the different services it offers and the kind of work it does.

Research involved analysing the current brand identity and studying the current design consultancy services with respect to their branding methods, trends followed, and their communication strategies. The philosophies of Rezonant had to be recognised and structured; the strengths of the organisation had to be identified in order to design the brand. The process was further streamlined into a study about dynamic identities which seemed to be the best solution for an organisation consisting of people coming from different places, having various interests, and dealing with a host of varied projects and clients.

An attempt was made to include all these variations of the elements that form Rezonant, maintaining its individuality yet forming a seamless team to give customised design solutions to its clients. The challenge was to make a dynamic logo to include all these changes and differences, keeping the message consistent. It was also challenging to maintain the dynamism through all the collaterals keeping costs as low as possible. Among the end deliverables was the basic stationary; a brochure template was designed; it could be customised to any service Rezonant wanted to market. As part of the brand building exercise, a brand book for the sponsor was also created.

This project helped analyse and explore identity, type, publication design, and information design. A lot was learnt about brand perceptions, marketing, and how work was executed in a professional environment.
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