Payal Vats |

Graphical User Experience

Guide Rupesh Vyas
Sponsor DSYN Social Media, Gurgaon
Keywords interface design;iPad resolutions;online resource;user experience

Colour Quarterly is a quarterly publication from Asian Paints that shares ideas, insights, and information on colour. With growing media and digital exposure, Asian Paints wanted to convert the publication into an online resource for greater accessibility. The online version would comprise previous publications with the introduction of category-based online resources with specific sections and articles and will be updated regularly.

The project explored the domain of user experience and studied the design interface and devices of Apple and Google, in addition to learning about interface guidelines, gestures, and touch to achieve an overall understanding of the subject. The main reason for converting the publication into an online resource was to achieve global presence, to reach out to various readers, and to increase the accessibility and actively promote the brand.

The client required a clean and minimal interface design to cater to all kinds of users with a contemporary approach. The end deliverable was supposed to be sophisticated with regard to information dissemination. Initially, the project aimed at a design involving multiple screen resolutions such as monitors and iPad screens. So, the initial explorations contained some trials for iPad resolutions, but the final designs comprised monitor screens and the interface was worked out accordingly.

This project opened up an exciting and enriching avenue for learning and unlearning various aspects during its various stages. It was learnt that the process of design development was not a linear one; it required an exchange of ideas and suggestions. The experience of touching one’s designs and giving dynamism to the static iterations was one of the high points of this project.
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