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UI Enhancement for Conference Analytics Application

Guide Chakradhar Saswade
Sponsor PharmARC Analytic Solutions PVT.LTD, Bangalore
Keywords corporate thinking;information flow;medical conferences;mobile applications

Mobile applications have evolved to encompass a wide variety of roles. In today’s world, there are perhaps at least a dozen mobile applications for any and every task at hand. Mobile applications have even entered the world of medicine and pharmaceuticals with the advent of Health 2.0. Based on the concept of Web 2.0, the field of medicine has begun using more technical and collaborative tools to share experiences and knowledge, provide better and more well-informed solutions and make lives healthier and happier.

This project involved designing a mobile application for one such niche task, a personalised scheduler and communications application for an international medical conference. Medical conferences are held across the globe and are a place for doctors, medical professionals, and pharmaceutical companies to meet, interact, and learn about the advances in their respective medical fields. The sponsor dealt with clients attending conferences held mostly in UK and USA.

The objective of the project was to revamp its existing mobile web applications to make it stand out against the competition. This required an in-depth understanding of the competitors’ applications along with user study and user experience. The design process involved understanding the medium of mobile applications and the context of medical conferences. The information flow and the entire UI for the application were redesigned.

This project provided multiple avenues to learn about new things. Working in a pharmaceutical organisation led to a sharing of corporate thinking and design thinking and ended in the creation of a symbiotic product—the Conference Analytics mobile application.
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