Abhijith K R | abhijith@keyaar.in

Dekho: Conversations on Design in India

Guide Immanuel Suresh
Sponsor Codesign, New Delhi
Keywords anthology;inspirational;Pantone 805;visual features

This project aimed at creating a publication on inspirational stories of design in India. The project targeted design enthusiasts, students, and professionals from India and abroad. It could also be of interest to the general public as an object well-crafted.

It is an anthology of conversations with designers in India, capturing their views on the development of design in India and highlighting approaches that are unique to designing for the Indian context. The book attempts to address the lack of documentation on design in India; it focuses on the stories behind the work produced, rather than the work itself. Extensive interactions with several individuals were recorded and analysed. The content was edited while retaining the flavour of the conversations. Eventually, the information was organised and the designing stage began.

The content, styled after the conversations, makes for easy reading. The idea was to let content guide the design of each article, keeping a minimum amount of visual features constant to hold the book together; the body text follows the same style throughout the book that has Pantone 805 highlights and accents. The other thread that ties the book together is the conversational nature of the textual content. Decisions were based on an analysis of the target audience’s environment, resources available at the studio’s disposal, modes of funding the project, and most importantly, the desired “feel” of the finished product.

The book equipped one to read between the lines, and recreate the textures of the conversations and stories without losing out on their essence; it was also learnt that creation of good design is the result of patience and hard work.
Communication Design
FVC (13)
ED (6)
AFD (22)
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IID (14)
PHD (6)
I.T. Integrated Design
DDE (11)
NMD (12)
Interdisciplinary Design
DRE (15)
SDM (11)
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