Shweta Sarwate |

Furniture for Living

Guide C S Susanth
Sponsor Quetzel
Keywords flat pack concept;laminated bamboo;structural stability;white ash

The purpose of designing a range of living room furniture as part of this project was to expand the sponsorís existing range of products by creating fresh and unique designs.

The project required knowledge about the current market scenario and the consumersí opinions and preferences. An attempt was made to explore and use materials that were new to the sponsorsí existing range of products. The introduction of laminated bamboo sections would be eco-friendly and also give a different appeal to the range. All the furniture was to be designed on the flat pack concept so that it could be transported with ease and reduce the costs. The outcome of the project was a range that consisted of a double seater, a single seater, and a bench.

Extensions that added functionality to the furniture were used in the double seater and the bench. These extensions were made of bamboo sections and could be used as a side table. White ash was used for most of the components, except the cross ties which were made of laminated bamboo. Also, the bamboo laminate was bent to provide structural stability to the design. The use of laminated bamboo sections helped reduce the size of this design considerably, in addition to providing strength. A bench was also designed to complement the range.

This project gave insights into the consumersí needs and the ways in which the markets functioned. Through an exposure to the industry, a first-hand experience about a number of new manufacturing techniques was also acquired.
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