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Pehchaan (Identity)

Guide Sekhar Mukherjee
Sponsor Design Clinic Scheme for MSMEs
Keywords competition;Design Clinic Scheme;MSMEs;subsidy

Pehchaan (Identity) is a short promotional animation film for the Design Clinic Scheme for MSMEs; it is aimed at creating awareness about the scheme and about design in general across the MSMEs. The film also aimed at establishing design learning which would boost the growth of MSMEs in todayís competitive markets.
The film focuses on an entrepreneur who owned a small manufacturing unit. This was a family business and he made use of all the knowledge he had acquired from the elders to run the business successfully. He applied a successful formula of imitating what sold in the market and ran his business smoothly. However, somewhere within, he felt a little disappointed for not being able to reach the high goal that he had set for himself.
Competition was one of the reasons for this feeling. The entrepreneur was confused as to what should be done to improve the situation, when the Design Clinic Scheme appears as a ray of hope. With this arrives a designer, who is a doctor adept at finding the solution to the entrepreneurís problems. He avails the help of the designer from this scheme with subsidy from the government. In no time, the designer inspects the product made as well as the manufacturing process and re-designs all that was necessary. The business progressed and the entrepreneur attained the level of success that he had always dreamt of.

This film was the first such project that that was handled individually, right from conceptualisation to the end product. It was a good learning experience that taught how to come up with best possible solution to serve a given purpose, keeping in mind various constrains. The film helped understand the target audience how to tell a story it would be interested in listening to.
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