Richa Gupta |

Luggage for Bridal Collection

Guide Vipul Vinzuda
Sponsor Samsonite South Asia, Pvt. Ltd.
Keywords brands;brand identity;luggage market;user study

The project focused on designing luggage for a bridal range of three classes of customers across the low end, middle end, and high end segments. The placement of these categories also depended on the three brands—AT, American Tourister, and Samsonite respectively and their positioning.

The design process began by studying the low end, middle end, and high end markets across Mumbai. Various insights on the luggage market and the way it operated from different channels opened the doors towards a different design approach in this project. The user study involved understanding the persona of the three categories of users and their lifestyles; this helped design bags that matched their needs and aspirations. The detailing of designs led from safe usage to quality, aesthetics, colours, and manufacturing ease.

The end product comprised a collection of luggage bags called: Parineeta, Neola, and Aureole for the AT, American Tourister, and Samsonite brands respectively. Each collection is a set of two to three products that comprise a beauty case, trolley bag, suit/saree case, bath kit, and footwear bag. The collection is based on the needs of customers across all the categories.

The learning acquired at NID helped bring out the best in skills and creativity. The outcome also gave the entire marketing team an idea about the possible innovations in a constrained product such as a luggage bag. An immense learning also came by way of meeting deadlines, presenting the ideas well, dealing with factory workers, and being organised and self-motivated. The project also made one understand how to maintain a balance between a good idea and preserving its brand identity throughout, and then executing it well in a practical scenario.
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