Enakshi Roy | enakshi249@gmail.com

“beapart”: Publication for NGO Vatavaran’s Environmental Awareness Initiative

Guide Dr. Tridha Gajjar
Sponsor dev kabir malik*design
Keywords illustrations;infographics;logotype;Publication Design

This project comprised the design of a publication, including content planning and interpretation, layouts, typography, illustrations, and infographics for a book titled, The Manual of Beingapart, an initiative by the NGO Vatavaran; the book would focus on the subjects of sustainability, waste generation, management, and recycling.

In the beginning, deliberations continued on how the publication could include illustrations and infographics on water harvesting and recycling. Initially, a proposal for it being made into a comic book or a series of comic strips in certain sections had also been considered. This was a project in Publication Design that initially focused on type and infographics, but upon revisiting the design brief, it was realised that its principal focus would be illustration.

The illustrations would be used to communicate most of the content and the individual illustrations as well as detailed info-graphics would be used as posters, mailers, and diary covers. The logotype for “beapart,” the Vatavaran initiative, was also worked on side-by-side; labels and tags for the cover of the publication were also designed. The use of bold type, vibrant colours, and the illustration styles gave the infographics a stylised and outspoken look when seen in its entirety. This approach was adopted to ensure clarity of information.

This project refined one’s existing skill sets. It helped unlearn many things and work towards replacing the existing knowledge with a deeper, more sensitive understanding of the subject and what it involved.
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