Chithkala B R |

In-store Graphic Communication

Guide V S Ravishankar
Sponsor Perennial Inc. Bangalore
Keywords brand attributes;consumer loyalty;consumer research;Easyday supermarket

This project involved designing in-store graphic communication for Wal-Martís Easyday stores in India. It focused on the existing brand attributes and envisioned a manifestation of the brand that truly used integrated store communication to differentiate the retailer from its competitors in the market.

The design objective was to evolve a seamless retail environment that embraced the new communication concept and communication hierarchy that brought efficiency into the functioning of the retail chain and the products being offered. It required an understanding into the nuances of communication in a retail environment and designing a relevant brand communication approach transcending navigational, marketing, promotional, and price communication for a global retailer having a strong presence in India. The design process involved understanding global Wal-Mart formats and current Easyday communications.

Conducting consumer research helped understand the target audience better and how well they were able to relate to Easyday supermarket and how easy it was for them to navigate inside the store. Through research, it was found that customers were emotionally unable to relate to the store as it lacked cultural relevance. Mood boards were developed, in addition to deciding the colour palette, brand guidelines, and communication hierarchies. Finally, a different identity for the Easyday supermarket in terms of brand recognition and brand experience was developed.

It was learnt that the core of strong in-store communication was in building clear storylines that communicated the reasons why consumers came to shop in the retail environment. This goes a long way in building consumer loyalty which every retailer aspires for.
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