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YELLOW, Womenswear EID-2012, Mini Collection

Guide Amit Sinha
Sponsor YELLOW, Beximco
Keywords Bangladesh;Pakistan;retail sector;women’s wear

The project focused on introducing exclusive mini collections in the three categories of the women’s wear section and introducing a new category of jumpsuits, specifically targeting the Pakistan market, for the festive season EID 2012; this was further divided into EID (F) 2012 and EID (A)/Fall 2012 depending on the product deliveries.

Yellow, a premium casual wear brand, working on establishing itself as a lifestyle brand, is catering to the retail sector in Bangladesh and Pakistan. For the Eid season, which is the biggest festive season, plans are afoot to open two more stores in Pakistan and review and expand the present range of products in all the categories. The initial stage of the project was about understanding the target countries, clientele, and the design philosophy of the sponsor.

The research was categorised in two phases; primary research included field study, surveys, self observation, and making records; while, secondary research included collecting information from resources such as books, magazines, online research, and sales records of previous seasons. Based on the Romantic-Boho theme, the mini collections comprise woven evening tops and knit western tops, jumpsuits, and casual denims. The intention was to propose a fresh, chic, flamboyant, and bohemian look after analysing the changing mindset of target consumers with their increased level of fashion consciousness, in accordance with the current international trends and market forecast.

It was interesting to learn about consumer behaviour in Bangladesh and Pakistan. Working with a team, benefiting from people’s experience, learning from their strengths and weakness, all helped understand the design process better.
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