Rana Hiren | ranadothiren@gmail.com

Modular Wall Panelling System for Interiors

Guide Praveen Nahar
Sponsor Lemon Design Pvt. Ltd
Keywords material intervention;system design;system module;textures

The project aimed at introducing a new system for flexible wall panelling in the evolved Indian market. The project which started as an idea from the sponsor was taken forward with the client/manufacturer, Lancer Reinforcements, to test the design and introduce it in the market.

It involved the scope of taking the already evolved market of panelling systems in the west with constant reviewing and testing. The system had to be made as a modular/flexible do-it-yourself model; this proved to be the biggest challenge and an advantage as well.

Panels and fixtures were to be designed as a system module, keeping the Indian standards and usage at its forefront. This would also involve derivation of standards for the panelling with its dimensions, mounting, and transportation. For the first roll out, textures had to be made; these would simulate nature through the best possible material intervention to achieve the same.

The project taught how it was important for a designer to produce a well thought of design, without avoiding the other attributes, even though they may be invisible or irrelevant; these could be interdependent. The results of all this will eventually trickle down to the end user. Involvement in other projects at Lemon helped understand the system design and also added different perspectives this project every time. Moreover, the taught how to treat every design project as a system design project. The project is by far, just a step in trying to tap into a new market for the company, hoping that these efforts shall come out to the market and help the company develop further.
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