Anjali Prakash Menon |

Think Mobile: A Workspace for Deliberation

Guide P Rama Krishna Rao
Sponsor Ajay Shah Design Studio
Keywords detailing;flat pack concept;knock down furniture;modular workstations

This project involved designing a range of office furniture for modern office scenarios; the furniture had to be at par with latest technological advancements. Knock down furniture had to be design based on the flat pack concept. The fresh design solutions that would emerge as a part of this project would get absorbed in the sponsorís current range of furniture called, Industrial Playground.

Research work began by studying existing modular workstations manufactured by two prominent companies. Visiting offices to understand the work culture therein was also a significant part of the research phase. Case studies were conducted along with a user survey of both the employee and employer. Based on the research, the key problem areas of noise and privacy in open plan offices were identified. The initial project brief was redefined to designing a workspace suited for deliberation and solitary work, which could provide the user with visual and acoustic privacy.

The concepts were evaluated based on the aspects of workability and aesthetics on completion of making 3D models and sketches. Since the product would be included in the Industrial Playground range, possible explorations for its branding was also done. Variations of the same product idea to suit different scenarios were also worked out. The final outcome of the project was a work desk with add-ons comprising a light, hook, and white board. The product was detailed to the level of prototyping. Several images of the product were uploaded on the studioís website so as to promote the design before prototyping.

The project helped understand that detailing is incomplete without understanding the possibilities and challenges that materials pose while executing the design.
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