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The Uljhu Journal

Guide S B Saksena
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Keywords infatuation;monsoon;parallel narrative;personal experience

This film is inspired by the personal experience of infatuation. Initially, the script depicted the simple idea of a classroom crush; later on, a parallel narrative emerged which described a similar liking, not for a human being, but an object. The film tried to explore and share that phase of life which every person experiences, but rarely shares.

In the main narrative, is a college boy, Pranav, who is infatuated with Amrita, one of his classmates. While he is lost in thoughts about this girl, he begins to write a story of his own in a journal called The Uljhu Journal. It is the story of a 7-year old child, Uljhu, who works in a cycle repair shop and is drawn towards a particular cycle. The film is based on experiences which are personal; therefore, an attempt was made to treat the film in a way that bonds the viewer with the lead character.

The film has a greenish tint reminiscent of the monsoon. This slow, green monsoon adds to the emotion that Pranav is going through. Unlike Pranav's city life, Uljhu’s story unfolds in a village and the shots have a reddish tint. As Pranav’s interest and interaction with Amrita increases, Uljhu’s story also develops. Uljhu’s story, which is imagined by Pranav and superficially different from his own life, is really a reflection of it. This can be seen at the end of the films as both the stories reach similar conclusions.

In the process of filmmaking, there are many rules for planning which include managing the shoot, schedules, and editing. There are some aspects that tend to get overlooked in smaller projects, but this project was the perfect opportunity to plan and take care of all intricacies of the filmmaking process.
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