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Thaka Dhimi Thom

Guide Ajay Tiwari
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Keywords cinematography;CineStyle;situational comedy;sync-sound

The world always seemed mean to the floundering classical singers—a coy Ramanujam and an extrovert Karna. It surely worsened when came along Karthik, an arrogant finalist from a famous music reality show. The singers resented Karthik’s instant success and decide to hurt him and teach him a lesson.

It was a conscious decision to make the film a situational comedy.
For the initial stages, the moments chosen are as mundane as in everyday daily life; the events move into more eccentric and comical spaces as they close towards the high point of the story. Cinematography was like the pen with which the film was being written visually. The language was decided before the shoot in certain aspects with respect to the camera movements, the colour tones, and the possible angles based on the location, the shot division, and the mood.

Lighting was done in a tone called CineStyle for maintaining a low contrast visual quality so that it could be boosted later during post-production. The colours chosen were of a pastel palette. This film was shot on a Canon 5D Mark II and edited on FCP using sync-sound. A conscious effort was made refrain from making the editing very stylish or slick and keeping it according to the scene, the overall narrative, and the humour therein.

Comedy and the love for music were blended to tell a story that was entertaining, but not preachy or slapstick. From the genesis of this idea, to seeing the story come to life, the filmmaking journey has indeed been an amalgamation of various process and stages. The learning curve has been immense.
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