Young Designers 2011

Terracotta Culinary
Ceramic and Glass Design | PGDPD
Neelima Hasija
Sangaru design objects Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru
Cooking wares
The objective of this project was to look into time-honoured practices of food preparation, storage and serving, using a material such as terracotta. Young professionals, who travel across the globe, exploring different ways of life, wish to savour traditional cooking and eating. Food and cooking have also become part of healthy living. Traditional terracotta cookware would help bridge the gap in the market segment.

Indian food is unique in terms of taste and the nutrition it provides. The idea behind this project was to revive and bring these traditional and sustainable ways of preparing and serving food into the urban Indian kitchen. The porosity of the terracotta material helps in cooking and also adds a unique flavour to the food. Cooking in terracotta wares is also a healthier way of preparing food since the products are especially designed for slow-cooking. The range of products that are inspired by traditional utensils in Indian kitchens, include flame cooking wares, pan, steamer bowls, idli bowls, curd-setter, water jug and roti container.

This project allowed me to explore and study Indian culinary culture and objects. It gave me an opportunity to put into practice my learning and make a contemporary range of products that based on traditional values.
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