Young Designers 2011

Modernising hair oils the Dove way
Graphic Design | PGDPD
Anil Sinha;Immanuel Suresh
Hindustan Unilever Ltd, Mumbai
Product launch
Marketing concepts
Consumer insights
Hair care
The brief for my diploma project was to scope and launch a new range of products in Unileverís hair care portfolio. The project was to help establish these brands as ďHair Care ExpertsĒ, by providing the product benefits consumers seek.

Scoping out the Hair Care product formats that the consumers readily believe in and trust was the core requirement for the project. Exploratory exercises with consumers were conducted to find out why they were loyal towards particular local and international hair care products. Understanding consumer expectations, mindsets and their hair care regime helped me track their unsatisfied needs. The process of understanding their oiling and hair care habits gave rise to complex thoughts and questions. I observed a stark difference in the hair care habits of consumers in north and south India. This made it necessary to identify the actual target consumer.

Expansion of the idea/concept from the local to global level was the main challenge at the execution stage. In the initial stages of designing, I conducted a detailed colour and form analysis of exiting hair care fo¨¨rmats. My deliverables at the end of the project were concept cards and concept visualization (indicative packaging and visual language design for the proposed product concepts).

Through this project, I learnt that keeping in mind various technical constrains, the visual appeal of the formulation can be designed to suit the consumerís mindset. I realized that the relationship between the content and the container plays a major role in setting the visual language of the pack and it helped me think beyond the aesthetic appeal of the container.
Communication Design
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