Young Designers 2011

Oru Paattu, Oru Kadhai (A Story and A Song)
Animation Film Design | PGDPD
Shilpa Das
Tamil/ Kannada folk-tale
Recursive tale
Animism/ transformation
For my diploma film, I wanted to use animation as a medium to narrate a folk-tale. I chose a tale that was adapted from a compilation of works by one of Indiaís best known writers, A. K. Ramanujan from Mysore.
Trapped inside a womanís body for a long time, a story and a song suddenly burst out of her and take the forms of a manís coat and a pair of shoes. When the womanís husband returns home, he is consumed by anxiety and suspicion about the origin of these objects. As he broods under a tree-shrine at night, he hears the near-extinguished village lamps gossiping about his wifeís story and song.
When I started working on this film there were a few concerns and dimensions I focused on such as the recursive nature of the story, the possibility of participating in the transmission of a folk-tale and similar conceptual discourses. But through the process of animation, from one level to the next, the folk-tale worked like magic on me and taught me things that I imbibed subconsciously.

The process helped me understand how to develop a plot that discloses events in stages and also the technical processes involved in independent animation. It has also directed me towards my areas of interest in the fields of animation and storytelling.
Communication Design
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Abhilash Jose
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