Young Designers 2011

Chic Appeal’ - Fashion Trade Range for Women’s wear: Autumn/Winter 2011-12
Apparel Design and Merchandising | PGDPD
Amit Sinha
Wills Lifestyle, ITC-LRBD, Gurgaon
Wills Lifestyle
ITC Limited
Fashion Trade Range
Women’s Wear
For my project, I had to develop a Fashion Trade Range for the women’s wear section, which Wills Lifestyle retails through its multi-brand outlets and large retail formats. The Fashion Trade Range is different from the products sold at exclusive brand outlets because it is aimed at price-conscious mass consumers.

During the initial stage of the project, I researched on the apparel market, consumers, domestic trends, fashion forecast and runway reports. On the basis of the directions that were identified, different looks were created and further refined, with the help of inputs from my project guide and mentor, for the final prototypes.

I named my project Chic Appeal because chic means ‘adopting or setting current fashions and styles’ and my intention was to develop a collection which is in accordance with the current market trends. I designed 10 styles for each of the three collections: ‘Preppy Chic’, ‘Boho Chic’ and ‘Flamboyant’.

The project gave me an opportunity to understand in depth the apparel industry and ready-to-wear market in India. It was a good experience to apply the design approach that I had learned at NID in the industry, where things move at a faster pace to meet looming deadlines. I learnt greatly from the exposure to the real market scenario about the communication system in the industry, production planning and costing. The design process of converting concepts into viable products, offering the consumers value for their money, was one of the most important things I learnt through this project.
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