Young Designers 2011

Costume Accessories
Ceramic and Glass Design | PGDPD
Neelima Hasija
Fashion Designer Abdul Halder, Delhi
Material and technique
For my diploma project, I chose to design “Costume accessories incorporated with ornamented bags” for fashion designer Abdul Halder. The target clientele included high-end customers and non-resident Indians.

I divided my research into parts to get the required and appropriate information for my final concepts and designs. The first part involved studying Abdul Halder’s profile, previous collections, his production unit, working patterns, clients and market and finding out key words that would describe his designs. The second part delved into understanding different types of Indian jewellery along with costume jewellery and its evolution in terms of material and design. Next, I learnt about the materials and production technique. The fourth part dealt with getting information about markets regarding the materials and production units. And for the last part, I had to observe the competitors and track the new trends.

Inspired by the observations and analysis that were generated during the research, I started with my sketching and explorations. I wanted to use different materials and create expressive products, which would display the sensibility of the artisans’ work and give the collection a fusion look and feel.

During the course of this project, I got an opportunity to learn about a variety of materials, which would do wonders if they were incorporated with glass. Every challenge I faced in this journey helped me learn something new and develop my thought process.
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