Young Designers 2011

Sawo (Prayer)
Animation Film Design | GDPD
Ajay Tiwari
Self Sponsored
Story within space
The film shows the relationship between an old man and a small baby that develops over a period of time, in a common space.

The idea for the story came from the visual of my old house, back in my village. This visual has been a very strong graphic symbol to me, for it takes me back to a fun-filled childhood. On my visits to my village during my school vacations, I developed a connection with everyone and the place. The story gradually centred on my grandfather, the space and me. Through this film, I wanted to relive the short, beautiful time I had spent with my grandfather.

The story takes a look at life, from a childís point-of-view. He realizes that he is alone and that life is an inevitable cycle, of which everything is a part. Its movement is like a prayer or Sawo for the old man. The film takes the viewer through the house. Initially, I had plans to construct this space in 3D. However, its complexity led me to search for simpler methods of storytelling. I finally animated in 2D and developed the story to give it a better feel and deeper meaning.

This project has made me realize my weak and strong points, while exposing every bit of my understanding of the subject. Every stage was engaging and demanding and I was required to put in effort and dedication to see it through. I also had to tackle technical problems while using the software for the first time and ensure that no compromises were made in the crucial area of pre-production. I hope to use this learning in future projects.
Communication Design
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Abhilash Jose
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