Young Designers 2011

Animation Film Design | GDPD
Sekhar Mukherjee
2D Animation
Short film
For my first independent short, I wanted to make a timeless tale, a fun, exciting story that would be enjoyed by people of all ages. After going through several story options, I thought Ghar was perfect. Amidst the cacophony of life, it is a gentle reminder of what really matters.

In the middle of nowhere, there stands a rather queer-looking contraption — a Ferris wheel with five houses dangling from it. In each house lives a couple, and their lives are synchronized with the rotation of the wheel. The wheel is balanced, and rotates steadily with the couples living their happy lives. One day, however, a couple has a baby, and their house becomes heavier than the others’, causing the wheel to stop. Without the wheel’s motion, all their lives come to a standstill. They try to overcome the imbalance, and after several failed attempts, find the simplest of solutions.

Filmmaking is all about storytelling. While a technique will always be replaced by a better one over a period of time, a good story lives on forever. The reason I chose to work on this film was because it was impossible to narrate or write this story. It had to be shown visually. I had fun while designing the characters, the sets, and the colours of the film. By animating in 2D, I gained a better idea of acting, timing, pacing, and other little nuances of storytelling that make a big difference to a film.

The conceptualization and execution of this film has made me understand the fundamentals and process of filmmaking, especially that of a short film. Translating the small spark of an idea into an animation film has been a truly overwhelming experience.
Communication Design
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Abhilash Jose
Abhilash Jose
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Amit kumar Das
Arnab Sikder
Arun S Prakash
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Shilpy Lather
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