Young Designers 2011

Animation Film Design | PGDPD
Sekhar Mukherjee
Sexual abuse
Magic and trickery
My film deals with the sensitive issue of child sexual abuse. It talks about how a child can fall into the trap of a predator and seeks answers to how children can be prevented from getting into such situations. It aims to make them aware of such monsters, with¬out creating paranoia.

The four-minute 2D animated film tells the fictional story of a little girl who wanders off by herself far away from home and falls prey to deception. She meets a magician whose tricks bewitch her and remains ignorant as he sets a trap around her. When she finally realizes that the magician is evil, the question arises: “What can she do?”
I had written this story during a visual scripting class in the second semester after reading a very disturbing article on child sex abuse and child- and teenager-trafficking. The article kept playing on my mind for I had come across many such stories of girls from my native land being abducted from, forced out of and lured from their homes with promises of good jobs and money and later on, being forced into the sex trade.

Since this was my first film, I was nervous when I started the process. Working on the film gave me a lot of ideas not only about animation but also about compositing and sound design. It also taught me how to manage time and do everything from scratch. To see my watercolours and drawings come alive was a very gratifying experience.
Communication Design
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