Young Designers 2011

Blue pottery of Jaipur
Ceramic and Glass Design | PGDPD
Neelima Hasija
Outreach Programmes, NID
Craft cluster
The brief for my project was to develop a craft cluster for blue pottery. The designs needed to be such that the craftsmen would be interested in them and would be keen to take them forward.

During the initial days of the project, I started collecting data through field visits and interviews and by reading books, articles and blogs on blue pottery and craft. The field visit gave me a whole new perspective towards the craft, the craftsmen and their environment and also helped me understand and connect with the culture of Rajasthan. Market and user surveys were carried out to find areas of opportunity for this cluster’s development. Based on the surveys, I decided to work on souvenirs, targeting the higher income groups. I worked on three product ranges: Ambience Lights, Magnets and Games.

I started with the process of material exploration to find out the constraints of the material and its form. The concepts for souvenirs were then developed, inspired by different aspects of Jaipur such as its architecture, the intricate patterns on monuments, textiles and other crafts. I laid greater focus on form development, for it did not have a form language of its own.

The method of handling every craft is different; it has its own processes, culture, the people and their surroundings. It was a very challenging and interesting experience for me to come up with a design solution for the entire craft cluster, while keeping in mind their development in the overall market scenario. The biggest challenge I faced was to deal with the craftsmen’s mindset, to understand them and involve them in new kinds of designs.
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