Young Designers 2011

Mannu & Mannu: A Retail-cum-wholesale Store of Suiting and Shirting in Chennai
Design for Retail Experience | PGDPD
V S Ravishankar;Mamata N. Rao
Self Sponsered
Wholesale-cum-retail store
Retail experience
Indigenous materials
Concept store
The project was undertaken to design and develop a wholesale-cum-retail store for suiting and shirting for Mannu & Mannu in Chennai. With an outstanding customer base, Mannu & Mannu is the leader in the wholesale suiting and shirting market in the state. The launch of the wholesale-cum-retail store sought to expand their customer base, attracting young, sophisticated and price-conscious customers, while retaining their existing clientele. The new environment would transform over a period of time and constantly promote new experiences at the store.

One of the major challenges I faced was to convert a wholesale store to one that could attract a retail audience without increasing the overhead costs. I decided to use indigenous materials to control the overheads, for an increase in cost would reflect in the final price of the product. I created a concept that would evolve with their current retail image, enhance the product value and attract a wider audience. It included display concepts, store-fronts, lighting concepts, fixtures and store planning that would focus on the wide range of suiting and shirting.

The advent of such stores into the Indian market will change the outlook of the wholesale market and attract more customers. Instead of stacking, the display will be more organized and will invite retail customers to walk into such stores.
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