Young Designers 2011

Design for Education
Design for Digital Experience | PGDPD
Mamata N. Rao
HP Labs, Bangaluru
Reputation & reward management
Learning platform
The brief for my diploma project was to design a self-learning system that would provide a complete learning experience to supplement school education and help children maximize their knowledge and learning. A system that motivates for kids for self-learning reduces the excessive need for tuitions. Informal and fun learning methods can be utilized as the base of system architecture.

The project outcome was a system design on the web platform, the tangible component of which will be a Fun Learning system application. This would explain the functioning of such an application, resources for it to work on and how its different stakeholders will benefit. It targets children in grades II-VII.

The Fun Learning system categorizes games based on different learning activities (understanding, practising, concept clarity and memorizing), learnersí levels, rates and performances in a particular subject and then offers games based on these factors. It has a unique reward system. Students can earn badges and recognition and compete for levels and virtual coins in an Role-playing game setting.

Earning virtual money by playing educational games and utilizing it in massive role-playing games requires continuous spending to continue the game. Learners will be motivated to play more and more educational games to earn more virtual money, and thus be engaged long-term. The system also involves parents, who are sent alerts about learnersí activities on the application and a score-card which works as an assessment sheet. It also allows them to control and manage the Fun Learning activities of learners by locking or limiting the duration of play.
Communication Design
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