Young Designers 2011

The Marketing Hive
Design for Retail Experience | PGDPD
C S Susanth
Hindustan Unilever Ltd., Mumbai
Psychographic study
Marketing mix
Educational plan
Communication directive
In the hair care category in India, hair oils have the largest market and are closely followed by shampoos. Hair conditioners are also increasingly finding acceptance among Indian consumers and keen to ride on this tide of their popularity, Clinic Plus intended to launch hair conditioners into its target market. However, the target audience was particularly unaware of and hesitant to acknowledge the product. For my diploma project, I had to develop an educational communication directive, explore various facets of product launch and look into the market activation for the conditioner at a multilayer level.

In the FMCG sector in India new products are launched everyday and consumers are bombarded with all types of information. Therefore, it is very important for brands to distinguish themselves from other products and make their presence felt by conveying the best information in the best possible way.

The project included a market research and trend analysis of the hair wash category in India. I had to study the market development model of the category, with respect to the brand, Clinic Plus, and provide design solutions for creating product visibility in retail spaces, designing an element for an aligned promo strategy and help out at various stages of consumer-testing. I created a broad framework for the educational programme and took decisions regarding the various promo directives for product communication such as demo concepts, product action claims, product usage information design, communication directives and prototype development.

Through this project, I learnt how to balance the needs of the users with the companyís plans through effective communication.
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