Young Designers 2011

A Fragrance Named Iris (Rebranding & Packaging Design for Iris Home Frangrances Pvt. Ltd.)
Design for Retail Experience | PGDPD
C S Susanth
Restore Solutions, Bengaluru
Retail experience
Structural packaging
Restore Solutions is a retail design company that specialises in brand design, retail experience design and redesigning of retail establishments. Their client, Iris Home Fragrances, have, since 2004, been dealing in a large variety of home fragrance products that cater to women who have the taste and money to splurge on such small luxuries. The brief for my project was to revamp and revolutionize Irisí identity.

A thorough market research was conducted and competitors were closely studied. Conceptualization of the name, Iris, took place. I also tried to find out what home fragrances meant to the users. The identity had to be strong so that it could stand up to the brandís international competitors, soft so that it would appeal to women who would buy these products and competent so that it would have a high recall value.

The existing packaging was weak in terms of its graphics, brand architecture, visual communication and colour. I strove to attend to all these factors to create a memorable brand. The designs were submitted in printable form for prototyping. These included the packaging keyline and a vector copy of the logo with the measurements.

Through regular client meetings and interactions with my colleagues and mentors during the course of this project, I gained many insights into the various dimensions of the same task.
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