Young Designers 2011

New Identity for FASTRACK Concept Store Design
Design for Retail Experience | PGDPD
V S Ravishankar
Titan Industries Ltd., Bengaluru
Concept store
Retail experience
Youth market
The design brief was to create an all new concept store for FASTRACK, a niche brand of Titan industries ltd. The brand is known for its effortless cool, mischievous & playful attributes, offering a very stylish product line of watches, bags, sunglasses and other lifestyle accessories for the Indian youth market. The key aim of the project was to showcase the brandís current accessories range in a fun and innovative manner, reflecting the brand character in the given space. The major target users were teenagers and the generation moving towards his/her adulthood.

My design process started by with observations including understanding the brand character with context to the current time and user, the user persona and his/her in store buying behavior. Simultaneously a parallel study was done for stores like Puma, Desigual, and Diesel which fall almost under the same brand character and product line. I also studied upcoming retail design trends, which gave me insights on how such brands portray their brand image in a given fabric along with a good blend of interior form language, effective VM and display solutions in order to create a unique shopping experience.

Alternative themes were prepared which were the base for all their ideas and concepts and rigorously sketched as concepts for store zoning, lay outing ,display , facade and wholesome store interiors .After finalizing one theme, all the details were worked out and a 3d rendering was created for a better understanding of the concept store. I came up with an end-to-end retail store solution, portraying both brand and user through and along with subtle experiential aspects in the store, which can enhance the shopping experience.

This project gave me a unique opportunity to work with a huge corporate design studio, which involved a concise understanding of full fledge design process with lots of enjoyment , interaction, and learning.
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