Young Designers 2011

Design for Digital Experience | PGDPD
Mamata N. Rao
Whirlpool Global Consumer Design, Gurgaon
Connecting washer
Auto dirt detector
Eco friendly
The brief for my diploma project at Whirlpool: Global Consumer Design was to design a next generation washer, integrating new technology and user experience. The project, Corio, was initiated in response to the emerging needs of the consumer in the new economy. It evolved from a new kind of thinking and smart product planning that would enable it to stay ahead of the competition.

The innovative, cutting-edge product aimed to cater to different experience zones within the house and strengthen the companyís grip on the market by offering negligible scope for replication.

The project comprised four phases. The first included the study of the existing set-up and the strategies that the company already followed. In the second phase, based on scenarios, attitude, behaviours and user goals, key features of the product, washes cycles and interaction patterns were defined. The third phase included designing the information architecture, screen proposal and user experience and cognitive ergonomics. During the fourth phase, the concept was refined, wireframes were made and user experience and interaction were defined.

The deliverables included a high fidelity prototype of a touchscreen washer, connecting Iphone app, web app content and technology guidelines in terms of product interaction.

This project gave me an opportunity to explore design in a different context.
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