Young Designers 2011

Print-related Solutions for Emerging Markets
Design for Digital Experience | PGDPD
Mamata N. Rao
HP IPG, Bengaluru
Print solutions
Cloud computing
Paper management
Data storage
The objective of this project was to get an insight into the mobile, print and scan-related scenarios in the emerging markets. The study observed the way people interact with devices and use printer functions and pointed towards specific solutions, which could be developed to target these markets. Ethnographic research on mobile usage and potential print and scan use in India was also conducted. The target users for this project were average middle-class Indian families.
Detailed interviews with families on their print-related behaviours were conducted as part of the research. Paper, an important aspect of this behaviour, was perceived to be of a lot more value when it carried certain information. It was observed that people stored paper in many ways. When the paper carried high value such as in a form that covered money transactions or medical health, many people saved both its physical copies and digital scans.
The final concept I developed allowed a family to save their medical records and medical-related papers in the digital form, so that they could access it whenever they wanted to, from wherever they were, without depending on a single gadget. This concept was formed using cloud computing technology.
Every clear road has a hairpin-like bend and with my knowledge and the support of my team, I learnt to navigate them well during the course of this project.
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