Young Designers 2011

Social and Local of Cricket
Design for Digital Experience | PGDPD
Manoj Neelkanthan
Yahoo! Development Centre India, Bengaluru
Web-based portal
Cricket in India is more a religion than a game. Since I live in a country thatís mad about the game and professional cricketers, I chose to do a project that explored how we could cater to the enthusiastic cricketer and help him improve his game and share his experiences with his family and friends.

In India, cricket is played at different levels. On one hand, there are the neighbourhood matches, school and university matches and corporate matches while on the other, there are the professional league matches and national and international tournaments. While there are websites that provide live coverage of international and national matches, in the case of common neighbourhood cricket matches, the cricketer hardly gets a chance to publish his scores online and share his performances with his fans, even where such infrastructure exists.

Through this research, I realised the many issues faced by cricketers, scorers and organizers. Their problems are inter-linked. The scorer had problems keeping track of scores, which once documented, werenít digitized and shared. The players could not document their scores. The organizer had difficulty communicating with the scorer and the cricketer. Thus, there was an opportunity to bring in a digital intervention that would benefit the cricketer, help the scorer document scores better and bring in a communication platform for the people who were involved in the game. Thus, I developed a successful web-based portal that enabled the same.

It is important to create databases of budding sportspersons to keep track of their careers right from the beginning. It is also necessary for us to document such events in our country.
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