Young Designers 2011

Designing user experience of a web shopping application
Design for Digital Experience | PGDPD
V S Ravishankar
MSCom India, Bengaluru
E-commerce portal
User experience
Information architecture
E-commerce is one of the most important outcomes of the internet revolution. It has immensely benefitted both businesses and consumers alike. My project in this domain, focused on designing the user experience for an e-commerce portal. The objective was to provide a pleasant online shopping experience while meeting business requirements. The portal guides customers and sells computer memory.

I adopted a user-centred design process. The understanding of customerís frustrations and expectations while shopping online for computer memory came from user surveys. The target users ranged from novice PC users to IT professionals. A comparative analysis of peer websites helped me explore the opportunity for competitive differences. Mapping of user behaviour and needs helped me shape personas for guiding interface development. Conceptualization involved generating scenarios and ideating with the help of napkin sketches. For the layout and design, I looked into some basic theories of composition and reading patterns. This helped me create a layout that seemed accessible and uncluttered. Then, I moved to high fidelity wireframes. The final concept deliverables included information architecture, wireframe and mock-up of the portal. The scope for this project in future could be in designing and developing this application for mobile phones.

I learnt how to reconcile user and business goals for an intuitive and satisfying online shopping experience. The process of designing an interface and shaping the user experience on the web from the research to prototype phase enriched my understanding of this multidisciplinary field.
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