Young Designers 2011

Marketing Site for Broker-dealer Services
Design for Digital Experience | PGDPD
Rupesh Vyas
J P Morgan , Mumbai
Broker dealer services
My diploma project was about promoting broker-dealer services. The objective was to give the client a well-defined interface to browse through the products and services useful to them. These would, in turn, make the process of prospecting much easier for the company and thereby increase its major client group.

The project involved multiple sets of users, including broker dealer firms and internal sales staff. The salesperson is the first person to approach the clients. This microsite provided salespeople an easy and quick way of prospecting.

The design process started with scoping the product and services which were to be promoted. The understanding of the products and services presented a clearer picture of the target audience and the stakeholders. Later, the user needs and information-seeking behaviour were researched on through exhaustive interview sessions with the clients, the internal sales staff and client service representatives. This data helped in creating personas, scenarios, storyboards and task-flows. Based on this information, concepts and low fidelity prototypes were made through a continuous iterative process.

Based on the feedback, the major requirements for the microsite were taken into account and design changes were made. The continuous feedback on the designs effectively helped in testing the mock-ups. The final outcome was a fully rendered static mock-up of the microsite.

This project gave me a good opportunity to learn and work as part of a team in a corporate environment with information architects, salespersons and people from fields other than that of design.
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