Young Designers 2011

Faddish Laundry Collection a Menswear Denim Range for 'Flying Machine'
Apparel Design and Merchandising | PGDPD
Amit Sinha;Sanjay Guria
Arvind Brands Limited, Bengaluru
Menís Jeans
Innovative washes
Contrast effects
Ombre fade
The brief for my project was to develop a denim range for menswear bottoms, which were innovative in washes. Working with Flying Machine was a good opportunity for me because the company and the brand are both prominent in their portfolio and product. The scope of learning widened as I learned the corporate culture, brand presentations, product development, clientís nature and the brandís value and vision.

In the initial stages of the project, I focused on studying the product development, process and various techniques of washing denim jeans. I designed three collections ó Fombreí, Fforteen and FM Mainline ó comprising 17 pairs of jeans that were developed for the Spring/Summer 2012 range. The collections were based on washes and styled with the focus on ombre fades, innovative washes, contrast effects and a young and trendy look.

I also introduced the Wash & Whisker Prepare Template for workers who develop new wash patterns everyday. This guides them to follow the wash pattern the designer wants.

This project helped me understand better the methods of developing a product in a studio and a factory, and the design process involved. Working with workers, vendors, other designers and clients turned out to be an enriching experience.
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