Young Designers 2011

Toy and Game Design
Arnob Sengupta
Game-based Learning Project for ICICI Bank
Ashish Kumar
Language and Literacy Learning Kit
Austin Davis
Deepankar Ray
Bicycle for Siblings
Kanika Bhardwaj
Designing Courseware and Wireframes for Teach¨ing Systems Thinking Online
Prarthna Ahuja
Research and Design for a Game Title on History
Purvee Jain
To Design a Storytelling Kit for Preschoolers using Soft Material
Vikas Gupta
Playful Child Furnishing Kit for Kidsí Age Group of 2-6 years
Communication Design
ED (6)
FVC (11)
GD (25)
AFD (20)
I.T. Integrated Design
IID (13)
NMD (17)
DDE (15)
Interdisciplinary Design
SDM (18)
DRE (12)
Industrial Design
Tr AD (8)
TGD (8)
PD (20)
CGD (9)
FID (10)
Textile Design
LAD (4)
TD (18)
ADM (7)
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