Young Designers 2011

Graphic Design
Abhinaya Muralidharan
Global campaign for Incredible India
Ankita Mukherjee
Goa Beautiful: A narrative in green
Anya Anant Rangaswami
Branding A Brand Agency
Arjun Singh
Publication Design on Design Research Methods
Dorin Burh
Redesigning the Coffee Table Book, GOLDEN HANDS - The Power of Architecture
Jui Anil Khopkar
Create an integrated brand experience for Yashoda hospital, Hyderabad
Meenakshi Borgohain
Branding & Marketing Strategy for ECO Electronics
Megha Parashar
Waste Management Report
Namrata Bhatter
Creating Identity Systems for the Nirula Family
Neha Bahuguna
Devanagari Handwritten Digital Typeface
Prachi Ramchandra Chaudhari
Shubham Shreya
Brand Communication and Packaging for Green Light Planet Inc.
Vaatika Dabra
Redesigning Facility Management Magazine
Vivek Sadamate
Devanagari Typeface for Newspapers
Yash Misra
Re-Imagining Experiences for Adobe Products on Touch Devices
Aninda Biswas
Re-designing the Website and Brochure for ‘Control Plus’
Balaji R Waghmare
Festival Ad Campaign and Brand Guideline for Tanishq Jewellery
Gati C. Narvekar
Improving Roman Script for Transliteration of Indian Languages
Kanchan Dhankani
Modernising hair oils the Dove way
Karan Arora
Redesign and Re-branding for Boost: Health Food Drink
Neha Shrimali
Re Look, Re Frame, Re Search
Shweta Govil
Designing an Educational Kit for Early Learners
Subharanjan Mondal
Branding of Television Show and Packaging
Vidisha Vijay Ghatpande
Exploring Visual Language for an Interpretive Museum
Xavier J D Silva
Publication Design for Outreach Programmes, NID
Communication Design
GD (25)
AFD (20)
ED (6)
FVC (11)
I.T. Integrated Design
NMD (17)
DDE (15)
IID (13)
Interdisciplinary Design
SDM (18)
DRE (12)
Industrial Design
PD (20)
CGD (9)
FID (10)
Tr AD (8)
TGD (8)
Textile Design
TD (18)
ADM (7)
LAD (4)
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