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Soujanya Vemuri
Animation Film Design | GDPD
Aakhir Badi Ho kar Shaadi Karni Hai
Guide Shilpa Das
Sponsonr Self Sponsered
> Hand-drawn
> Storyboard
> Dream sequence
> Imagination
My diploma film deals with the theme of how a typical middle class girl child is brought up in this country. The protagonist is a small girl, about 6-7 years old. She is always surrounded by her family members and neighbourhood who directly and indirectly overwhelm her mind with the allusions of marriage. My film talks about the traditional families and encourage them to keep the interest of the girl child in mind. It communicates the message of refraining from obsessing the mind of the girl child with the idea of marriage since the tender age and let her to grow freely and acquire education.
For my film, I chose to animate using the traditional 2-D hand-drawn technique as I thought it would go well with the subject matter of my film which is mostly a dream sequence in the imagination of a little girl. After going through different versions of the script and the storyboard, I started the animation on a light box. The software Toonboom was used to vectorize my line drawings and Photoshop was used for colouring the frames. I edited in Adobe Premiere and compositing was completed in After Effects. I decided to create the sound for my film in a more professional manner.
The entire project was a valuable learning experience for me. It helped me in my personal and professional growth and made me acquire better technical skills which I think will be quite helpful for the future projects. Having completed this project I think trying and committing mistakes are better learning processes than achieving a solution in one go.
Communication Design
AFD | 24
ED | 05
FVC | 16
GD | 18
Animation Film Design
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I.T. Integrated Design
DDE | 09
IDD | 01
IID | 11
NMD | 10
SUID | 01
Interdisciplinary Design
DRE | 12
SDM | 13
Industrial Design
CGD | 09
FID | 17
PD | 15
TGD | 08
Tr AD | 08
Textile Design
ADM | 14
LAD | 09
TD | 13
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