Young Designers 2009

Avik Parui
Furniture and Interior Design | PGDPD
Office Furniture using Coir Composite Panels
Guide C S Susanth
Sponsonr NID Outreach Programmes-Coir Board, NID Ahmedabad
> Office furniture
> Contemporary
> Coir composite panels
> Product personality
My project focused on developing contemporary office furniture for executives using coir composite panels in effective combinations with other materials like stainless steel and wood
My research process involved product analysis which spanned an overview of existing executive office furniture and office culture in India, examining trends in Indian and international markets. User surveys followed to understand and analyze their work flow patterns, behavioral patterns and ergonomic requirements. In order to incorporate visual and aesthetic appeal, I looked at existing style and art movements.

After analyzing this data, I narrowed down my focus to developing a flexible system which forms a workstation for executives according to the space and choice of user. My design concept introduced personalization to this modular system in addition to utilitarian aspects. Consumers bond more strongly with products that have a ‘personality’ congruent to their own personality. The final concept for my design consisted of a vertical tower with connecting members, on top of it horizontal surface to perform the function, divided into two major parts – the desk and the storage system which could be customized using color palettes.

While my final products were deemed excellent in terms of form, the present shades of the finish do not meet the requirements of the brief and the finish seems to be very conventional. I am currently experimenting with modes of value addition through introducing variations in color and using strainers at the time of production. My key learning through this exercise has been how to design products that enable them to communicate their individuality and identity.
Communication Design
ED 5
FVC 13
GD 18
Industrial Design
Furniture and Interior Design 11
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Avik Parui
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